Youtube To Make It Easier For Advertisers To Create Ads

Google’s problems with generating revenue from Youtube are pretty well known. This is despite introducing video overlay ads some time back. According to Google, a major reason behind this is because a lot of advertisers do not have the necessary resources to develop advertisements that can displayed upon videos.

As a solution to this, Youtube has been working on an interface that shall help advertisers easily create overlay ads just by filling up a few text fields. In a patent titled “VIDEO OVERLAY ADVERTISEMENT CREATOR” filed today at the US Patent and Trademark Office, the inventors have sought the rights for developing such an interface. In the patent, the inventors write

“In one embodiment,¬†values specifying attributes of a desired video overlay advertisement are entered via a browser-based user interface functioning on a client device and communicated to the advertisement creation server’s advertisement creation module. The advertisement creation server receives the values and in response creates and provides to the client device a video overlay advertisement having the desired attributes, which the client displays within the browser-based user interface. In one embodiment, the browser-based user interface displays multiple advertisement segments, each segment having attributes representing the appearance of the advertisement at a particular point in time, and a set of transitions between the segments. In one embodiment, the browser-based user interface includes controls for specifying the actions that are taken in response to selection of the advertisement.”

Here are a couple of pictures that will give a clearer picture of what the interface intends to do