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Watching YouTube On TV – New Version Of YouTube Leanback Releases

Google has released a new version of YouTube Leanback – a site that the company launched in July of this year to let users “lean back” on the couch to surf through YouTube videos. Now with Google TV all set for release, this new version of Leanback will bring some new tweaks to the service that shall be integrated with Google TV to let users watch videos on their television sets.

One of the primary enhancement is the ability to watch a number of videos that were hitherto unavailable due to licensing issues. This includes a lot of music videos. Also, Leanback now comes with a number of pre-selected channels and playlists that are suitable for television viewing. As you know, some videos; particularly those with lower resolution are not really ideal for television viewing.¬†Perhaps the most important change, from Google’s perspective, is the introduction of new overlay ads. Leanback, that was previously ad-free, will now come with overlay ads similar to the ones that are visible on the normal YouTube videos.

You do not need a Google TV to watch YouTube Leanback. Just hit this link to sit back and surf through the various videos.

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