New XBox 360 Automatic Shutdown Due To Overheating

Microsoft had recently launched the new smaller 250GB XBox 360. One refreshing piece of news is that the new XBox will no longer flash the “Red Ring of Death” – the ominous red ring that was displayed everytime something did not go well on the system.

Bad news is that this has only been replaced with a red dot that is displayed when there is a system failure on the XBox 360. Apparently, users are shown the following message when such a thing happens:

“The Xbox 360 is shutting down to protect the console from insufficient ventilation.
You can turn the console back on after the power light stops flashing.”

XBox 360 shut down

The new XBox will then automatically shutdown to prevent any potential mishap. This is so reminiscent of the Blue screen of death on Windows that gave users little choice but wait for a system restart. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

[via Kotaku]