Internet Browsing On XBox 360 Not Coming Anytime Soon

Yesterday we heard Sony’s new mantra for its PlayStation console – make it a multi-purpose device and thus make it a more generic product as opposed to the niche gaming consoles like XBox 360 and Wii.

It appears that Microsoft is in no mood to take on Sony in this regard. Will XBox 360 ever have the options to let users go online and surf the web from their gaming console device? We hear that the answer to this is NO.

This was communicated in an interview by Xbox product manager Aaron Greenberg Edge Magazine. Aaron says that the company’s tests on making internet available on home TV showed a “poor experience”. Greenberg said,

“We really believe that the web browsing experience on TV is a poor one, and the real magic is to take those Web experiences and optimise them for the living room. That’s what we did with Netflix. So, sure, you can go on the PS3 and go to Facebook and and try to navigate, but it’s an absolute nightmare.”

[via Digital Trends]