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Wireless Media Player To Stream Media

The number of media files accessed and the method of access is aplenty. Users consume content from radio, play audio tracks, video tracks, stream audio and video tracks from third party source. As a result, the method to play these different formats and organizing these as playlists is getting increasingly complicated.

Sony Ericsson has applied for a patent on a technology that can make this organization of media easy. In its recent filing, the inventors  write,

“According to a first aspect, this object is fulfilled by a wireless device, comprising a media player; a radio signal receiver system configured to receive media signals; a controller comprising a memory comprising a list of different media options, and a media scanner configured to scan the radio signal receiver system to detect media content associated with the media options.

In one embodiment the wireless device comprises a user interface, wherein the controller is configured to output an alert signal through the user interface to indicate that media content associated with the media options list has been detected by the media scanner.

In one embodiment the media options includes a plurality of different media channels, the device comprising a user interface including a display operable to present a list of media channels, wherein the controller is configured to highlight a media channel on the display responsive to the media scanner detecting reception of that media channel.”

Sony Ericsson wireless media player

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