Windows Phone 7 Worldwide Launch Dates Revealed

So as you may have heard already, Microsoft is holding an official launch event for the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system next week at New York City. While the launch dates are officially still not out (that is what the October 11 event is for!), we are however hearing some talk about this being a worldwide release. And according to some people who claim to be in the know, the launch is expected to happen in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe on October 21 with the new platform hitting USA only on November 8. Launch in Asia starts October 21 though it is going to be only in a few countries to begin with.

What this means is that technically New Zealand will be the first country to see the launch of the new phone since it is on the east. Nevertheless, do remember that this is a rumor as of now and so keep waiting for the official word.