iOS Vs. Windows Phone 7 – Browser Speed Test

Windows Phone 7 devices may not have launched as yet. But the platform has been showing a lot of promise since the time it was unveiled by Microsoft earlier this year. So how does this platform compare with the hyped iOS platform? has performed an elaborate video comparison of the IE on a Windows Phone 7 based LG smartphone with Mobile Safari on an iPhone and with an Android handset. The video shows that IE on Windows Phone 7 is pretty much competitive with the browser load speed on the other two phones. However, do note that this is not the final version and there may be a few kinks that Microsoft may still be ironing out. Also, if Microsoft does end up bringing Flash on the device, expect some drop in performance too. But considering that the Windows Phone 7 phone here brings some interesting features like multiple tab management to the smartphone, it already holds a significant advantage over the iPhone.

This video should give you a good idea of how a Windows Phone 7 device would work out. I am excited about this!