Windows Phone 7 Phones On Verizon Not Coming Anytime Soon

Microsoft is working hard to launch a peppier smartphone OS with the Windows Phone 7 in the next couple of months. However, Verizon may not be joining the party until later. In an interview to Bloomberg, Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney has noted that Verizon Wireless does not have any plans to launch Windows Phone 7 handsets in the near-term. That’s at least till the end of this year. She has said that the relationship with Redmond remains “solid” and so a launch in 2011 cannot be ruled out.

The reasons are not pretty hard to fathom. Microsoft and Verizon burnt their fingers not so long ago with the launch of Kin. Initial reports suggested that not more than 500 hundred handsets were sold in all, though several other reports pointed out that the sale numbers were in the thousands. Either way, the launch was a flop and Microsoft had to halt the Kin project within months of launch.

It is possible that Verizon has chosen to wait and study the consumer reception to Windows Phone 7 and then take a decision on how to go about partnering Microsoft.