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Windows Phone 7 Launch In USA Scheduled For November 8?

Reports earlier this month suggested that Microsoft was organizing an event on October 11 in New York City. The agenda was rumored to be the official launch of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile OS. While that is still a rumor with no confirmation from Redmond, we are now hearing that the official launch in US would rather happen on November 8. According to sources, Microsoft is indeed holding an event on October 11 at NYC. However, that event is not related to the Windows Phone 7. The source goes on to say that the actual launch in US is set to happen on November 8.

This is in line with statements made by Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner earlier this month where he had indicated that the upcoming mobile platform will first launch in Europe followed by a holiday season launch in US.

Nevertheless, mark this as a rumor for the moment till we get an official word.

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