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Windows Phone 7 Launch On October 11

Pocket Lint is reporting from multiple sources that Microsoft’s new mobile operating system – the Windows Phone 7 that the company unveiled earlier this year – could be officially launching on October 11. That’s a little over a month from now. According to the website, the sources are “senior figures” in the industry who can be trusted. These sources have also claimed that the launch shall happen from New York and shall be beamed worldwide.

There has been a lot of anticipation over Microsoft’s foray into the smartphone OS segment. Although the company owns the WinMo platform that incidentally is still among the leaders in smartphone platform segment, the platform is widely disregarded as a legacy in comparison to modern OSes like iOS and Android. Microsoft’s entry with Windows Phone 7 will also induce more competition and subsequently better products.

Microsoft is already working with several handset manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Dell and HTC to bring Windows Phone 7 powered handsets to the hands of consumers by the holiday season this year. We had already written about devices like Samsung Cetus that run this new OS earlier.

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