Windows Mobile 7 Delayed Till 2011?

There are rumors and baseless rumors. Put this in the latter category. Folks at UberGizmo are pointing to a report on another website that claims that Windows Mobile 7 is all set to be delayed yet again and it wouldn’t launch until Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2011.

Why is this baseless? Because we have already had reports from Microsoft that Win Mobile 7 will debut next month at the Mobile World Congress. Earlier this month, ZDNet wrote

“After the┬áno-show (and no mention) of Windows Mobile 7 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, Microsoft officials have begun touting theMobile World Congress (MWC) event in mid-February in Barcelona as the place that Windows Mobile 7 will finally be on public display in some way for the first time.”

[UberGizmo via BrightSideOfNews]