Windows 7 SP1 Release In Q4 2010

Since launch, Windows 7 has been well received and it is safe to consider its launch a success. However, there appears to be a lot of performance bugs – more than what Microsoft has assumed that the company is likely to have advanced the release date of their Service Pack by at least a year.

According to reports on the Inquirer, the Windows 7 SP1, which was not expected to release till 24 months of release, could now find itself available by the last quarter of this year.

This is also in line with the release dates of service packs for Microsoft’s earlier versions of Windows – the XP and Vista each of which had their service packs released close to 10 months after their launch.

However, the speculations over performance bugs is unlikely to affect the sale of the operating system. What do you think?

[via The Inquirer]