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Will The Verizon iPhone 4 Have GSM and CDMA Integrated?

The new iPhone 4 that Apple is designing for Verizon could have both CDMA and GSM chips integrated into the phone. According to iSuppli, the new iPhone 4 apparently has a Qualcomm MDM6600, meaning the phone can support both CDMA nad GSM features. Also, changing will be the antenna design of the phone which is important for the CDMA technology that is used on the phone. The antenna is going to be hidden in the new model which invariably would give the Verzon iPhone 4 the edge over its AT&T counterpart. Qualcomm’s MDM6000 integrated chip also make the GPS integrated thus eliminating the need for a separate GPS component. If this were to be true, the price of the new phone should also drop.

Dedicated antenna tests are yet to be performed to check the performance of the Verizon iPhone 4 antenna over its AT&T counterpart.

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