Will Google Chrome OS Be The Most Hacked Software Of 2010?

McAfee’s recent report on internet security for the future claims that Google Chrome OS which is yet to be officially released could become the target of hackers in the new year.

Why? Because, McAfee says, it is the reliance of the web operating system on the HTML 5 technology that lets the software interact online with the PC on and off in the background.

Google Chrome OS is designed to let users use web applications as easily as locally installed software. In order to enable this, the OS lets these applications periodically interact online while making everything available locally to the users.

Because of this interaction that happens in the background, McAfee claims hackers may use the exploit to inject their own malware into your system. Users might be caught unawares as they might expect it to be their operating system that is interacting online.

But the issues raised by McAfee seem far fetched considering that Google’s operating system is yet to be released and we are yet to check out on the security measures that Google has taken in this regard. For the record, in a blog posting earlier this year, Google had emphasized on the security measures being taken. The company had said they were

“completely redesigning the underlying security architecture…so that users don’t have to deal with viruses, malware, and security updates.”

Considering this, it looks like McAfee’s report has only raised false alarms. Nevertheless, the points raised are still potential exploits which we hope Google works on before the operating system is released.

[via Business Week]