Will Android 2.4 Experience Honeycomb?

Android 2.4, rumored to be Google’s updated OS for smartphones might get a chance to experience some of the features of Android 3.0, popularly known as Honeycomb. Right now Android 3.0 is only being used on Google oriented tablets. But, rumors have been around for a while now that the work on Android 2.4 – codename Ice Cream Sandwich has already begun and Google is trying to get some of it’s tablet features on to their smartphones.

It is not clear yet if the supposed Android 2.4 is called Ice Cream Sandwich, but Android smartphone users are definitely eager about this newer version. As of now, there is no clarity about the features that would be available on 2.4. It is expected that the notifications system and UI elements are going to be present. Although, there are rumors about Renderscrip and hardware accelaration as well.