Will A Nokia And Microsoft Partnership Happen?

Will a Nokia and Microsoft Partnership Happen? This is the question that all the market giants are waiting for an answer to. The question is in even more relevance now that a London based banking analyst has written to Nokia asking them to abandon their Meego OS and join hands with MS to link their phones with Windows 7 phones. The Finnish company which enjoyed its share of success during the nineties and the early part of the 21st century has been on a downhill slide ever since the launch of Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android powered smartphones.

On the other hand, MS which tried to launch its own tablets during the early part of the first decade had failed miserably, but luckily for them, the Windows 7 phone has received positive reviews. But, they are a long way behind Apple and Google already. The Mobile World Congress which would be happening soon is a good place for these two giants to make a statement about their partnership.