Wikipedia Donations Reach $12.5 Million

Unless you have completely shut yourself off the internet over the past couple of months, you are sure to have stumbled upon one of the donation banners that has been put up on Wikipedia. The not-for-profit group had stated back in November that they are expecting operating costs to hit close to $20.4 million in 2010-2011 and that they are hoping to make at least $16 million of this via donations.

While this appeal for donation still stays as a work-in-progress, the latest banner on Wikipedia tells us about the success that the foundation has had in requesting visitors for donation. The banner notes that the organization has already made $12.5 million through contributions which means they are still $3.5 million away from their stated goals. That is pretty impressive considering that the donations last year added up to only around $8 million.

Wikipedia Donation page

You can still make your contribution by visiting the Wikipedia donation page here.

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