Wikileaks.Org Down – How To Access WikiLeaks Website & Documents?

A day after Amazon shut down its servers to – the non-profit whistleblower website, the website’s DNS management provider has announced that they are terminating their service as well. While Amazon cited breach of terms for terminating their contract, EveryDNS has stated that other partner websites are facing increasing risks due to the heavy number of DDoS attacks on Wikileaks that has prompted the company’s decision.

While the website itself is down, the group’s Dutch mirror site, appears to be active at the moment. Other websites hosted in .fi, and .se domains do not seem to be resolving at the moment. Folks at SkepticGeek note that too is functional but I am not able to open the site from where I am.

So if you are looking for a way to reach out to the Wikileaks documents, you may visit this alternate website.

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