Wikileaks Mirror Websites Sprout By Hundreds After Organization Asks For Support

As you already know by now, the popular not-for-profit whistleblower website, Wikileaks has been pulled from the web following the publication of several controversial documents in recent times. While the organization has been maintaining several mirror sites themselves, that could prove futile considering that the group is facing resistance from multiple governments worldwide.

Following this, Wikileaks has opened up a new avenue to keep the information alive. The organization has been asking its supporters to host the information gathered on their respective servers. On the Wikileaks Switzerland website, the organization notes,

“In order to make it impossible to ever fully remove Wikileaks from the Internet, we need your help.

if you have a unix-based server which is hosting a website on the Internet and you want to give wikileaks some of your hosting resources, you can help!

Please follow the following instructions:

  • Setup an account where we can upload files using RSYNC+SSH (preferred) or FTP
  • Put our SSH key in this server or create an FTP account
  • Create a virtual host in your web server, which, for example, can be
  • send the IP address of your server to us, and the path where we should upload the content. (just fill the form below)”

This has seen a terrific reception as close to 208 mirrors of the original Wikileaks website are already up and running. You can check out the complete list of mirror websites here.