Wi-Fi Enabled Kobo eReader – Price And Availability Details Revealed

Kobo has announced the launch of a new version of their popular eReader that brings support to Wi-Fi connectivity. The new device is pretty similar to the model introduced a few months back and the support for wireless network is the one big addition. Another significant enhancement is in the processor performance, but in the absence of specifics, it is difficult to take this addition seriously.

The price of the new Kobo eReader is not very different from the old model. In fact, it is available at $10 lower than the older model and retails at $39.99. The eReader manufacturer has partnered with Borders and is available for pre-orders starting today. Expect the launch to happen by the end of October – by November 1 according to some reports.

Kobo Wireless

Ready for a pre-order? Hit the link here to make your purchase.

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