Apple White iPhone 4 Launch In Spring 2011

The white iPhone 4 drama has dragged on for a long time. Steve Jobs unveiled it like it was the next big thing and only weeks later customers waiting for the white variant were disappointed to hear that the model was being delayed. So much delayed that reports started going around that Apple had decided to kill the project. The delay was being attributed to light leaks, rough and bent frames resulting from flawed manufacturing practice, etc.

Whatever the delay was due to, it is now becoming clear that the white iPhone 4 may not launch anytime soon. Signages that are being put up by Apple on their Stores across the United States have pointed out that the white variant will be made available in “Spring 2011“. If our speculation is true, then this could mean a month or two before iPhone 5 launches in June next year.

White iPhone 4 launch rumor

That will give Apple an opportunity to boost its sale numbers for the quarter; one that is normally low ahead of the next gen iPhone launch.