What's The Notion Ink Adam Mystery Feature?

Notion Ink Adam has been getting a lot of press coverage from the Consumer Electronics Show and the device has mostly impressed observers. One moot discussion points has been the mystery feature that this tablet is expected to come with. Rohan Shravan had earlier posted on one of his blog posts that this feature would be a software update that would be activated on Adam devices every fortnight. However, now we hear about yet another feature that could be the actual mystery feature.

According to Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink Adam will be the first tablet computer in the market to come with a radio. He has said that the radio will come a chip replacement that offers this new feature. CrunchGear writes,

“Rohan commented that this new feature came by way of a chip replacement that offered the new feature. Are you ready? It’s a radio! The only tablet to have one, actually.”

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