What’s In A Name? The Secret Behind Nexus One

The big day is finally here. In a few hours from now, Google will finally be unveiling the device that has gripped the attention of people worldwide for quite some time now.

While that happens, one thing that has forever intrigued me is, Why the name Nexus One? What did the folks at Google brainstorm about before agreeing upon this name? Wasn’t it supposed to be gPhone all along?

As a matter of fact, what does seem to be like an inncuous question can carry the secret behind the very driving force of the phone. Naysayers have questioned the value in buying an unlocked Nexus One for $530 when other alternatives are much cheaper. What is so special about the device that will help Google outdo the Apple in the smartphone war?

FT apparently has an answer to it. In an article on his column yesterday, Richard Waters goes delves deeper into the “secrets” behind the name Nexus One. One plausible reason which could eventually also turn to be Google’s genius stroke could be to market a subsidized device to the users who need not have to worry about the network.

With the iPhone, users in USA have complained about the AT&T network all along. Google probably sees a gap here that the Nexus One can fill. With the Nexus One, users may buy a device with SIM from any of the major carriers locked to it. In essence, it is not an unlocked device, but locked to the network of your choice. Allowing a Nexus of mobile phone operators to offer subsidized device can not only provide a choice to the consumers but can also competitively manage the subsidy offered by various players.

Of course, this alone is not enough. The consumers will have to find the device interesting. The answer to that, we will know later in the day at Mountain View. Remain glued to the monitors until then!

[via FT]