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What Is Motorola Droid-X eFuse Security System?

If you are the geeky kind who loves to fiddle and tinker around with gadgets, you surely might have already attempted to root your current mobile phone. That is exactly what Motorola is attempting to stop.

The Motorola Droid-X contains a freshly installed security system called eFuse. The Android phone contains an eFuse chip on the board where Motorola can write information to after it is put to use. Motorola uses information from the bootloader that is passed on and gets written over this eFuse chip. Technically, eFuse verifies the information from bootloader every time you load the phone.

However, in case eFuse fails to recognize the information from the bootloader, then it receives a command to “blow the fuse” or “trip the fuse“. What this means is that the booting process shall be corrupted thereby bricking your phone.

This information should be relevant to 99% of the users out there. However, if you are that small bunch that loves to root your phone to customize it to your likings, the Motorola Droid-X may not be the ideal device to carry.

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