What Are Bouncy Circles On Google Logo?

If you are in the UK or at least are going to visit the Google UK website today, you will see a pretty bouncy animated Google logo. Google has been known to have come up with a few animated logos – a practice that they first started with PacMan – in recent times. However, this is the first time that they have given no background on the change. Usually a click on the logo takes the visitors to a search page announcing the significance of the event.

Google Bouncy Logo

This could then imply an upcoming announcement from Google. You will be aware that Google is organizing a press event tomorrow to make a few announcements with respect to their Search business. While most of us are expecting this to revolve around the Google Goggles, you never know.

Interestingly, the bouncing logo is only available on Google UK. So it has been very much intriguing at the moment. Do you have an idea?

6 thoughts on “What Are Bouncy Circles On Google Logo?”

  1. It is not only on UK Google.
    It is also on France Spain and Italy and probably other European sites.

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