Watch TV Shows Over Internet With Kylo Web Browser For Television

More and more people are watching TV shows over the internet. However, unlike a real TV experience where the users may lay down on the couch and lazily surf through the channels on TV, users have to sit close by a computer and use mouse controls to control their viewing. Connecting the computer to TV does not help either as you have to deal with the small icons and controls of a computer that is not ideal for display on TV.

Enter Kylo, the web browser for television. This new web browser is built especially for those of you who connect your computers to TV to watch shows. The web browser has large icons and controls that make it ideal for watching videos over internet on TV. Kylo also comes with a $99 remote control called Loop. Loop lets users control the mouse movement and clicks like with any normal TV remote. And as you guessed it, Loop controls the computer and not the TV directly. Here is a nice video from WSJ

[via All Things D]

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