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Watch TV On Windows Phone 7 With SlingPlayer Mobile App

If you are one of those 40,000 people to have got yourself a Windows Phone 7 handset on launch day, here is your chance to start watching TV on your newly purchased mobile phone. EchoStar, the owners of Sling Media have announced that their SlingPlayer Mobile software that lets users control and watch television from their mobile phones is now available for download on Windows Phone 7.

The application will not work independently however. The app will need the television to be connected to a SlingBox HD or SlingBox Pro HD via the internet that will let them manage the software using the mobile phone over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. You will be able to control channels, schedule recordings on DVR and watch TV over the WP7 handset.

The app is not free though. It will cost the user $29.99 in the US while the app is available in the UK and Canada at a price of £22.99 and CAD31.99 respectively. European users (outside the UK) may purchase the app at €21.10 plus local VAT.

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