Watch Free Movie Trailers On TV With Roku

Internet based movie streaming service Roku has announced that their customers will now be able to watch unlimited trailers of unreleased and released movies over their digital media player thanks to a newly signed partnership with Flickster.

The new partnership will give Roku customers access to Flickster’s entire database of movie trailers. The company has said that the service is integrated with other Roku offerings so that customers may seamlessly watch trailers and immediately choose to purchase the movie from Roku partners like Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand. Movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes shall also be provided to customers.

The terms of the deal has not been announced and so it is unclear how Flixster stands to benefit from the deal. Nevertheless, this is a great addition to the Roku portfolio which customers are sure to appreciate.

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  1. This is nothing new. I get my traliers via Internet from a program at LiveTVworldwide [dot] com. Have used it for a couple years and it’s great.

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