Watch Live TV On XBox 360 In Canada With Telus

IPTV is now available in Canada thanks to an announcement from Telus that their live TV broadcast can now be accessed via Microsoft XBox 360 consoles.

To be able to do this, the user will have to be a paid Telus Optik TV subscriber and has to claim a disc offered by Telus to run the special software required to run the live programming. However, the broadcasting does not do away with set-top boxes and the user will still need to rent a set-top box to view the channels. Telus has revealed that the technology will allow its subscribers to view over 400 digital channels – 50 of them in HD.

The technology however has a few kinks that are yet to be ironed out. For instance, the users may not record TV shows on their XBox 360 storage. However, expect these things to get sorted out in time.

Telus Optik subscribers who do not own an XBox 360 have something more to rejoice. The company is now offering free XBox 360 units to its customers provided they sign up for a two year contract with the network’s high speed internet service. That looks like a bargain if you are anyway planning to stick to their network for this period.