Hulu On Google TV May Be Coming Soon

Google will be launching its new Google TV this month and according to a recent post on the company’s official blog, the new television platform will stream content from a number of content producers including CNN, HBO, CNBC and Cartoon Network. In addition to this, the new Google TV is also expected to stream movie and television shows from Netflix and Amazon Video-on-Demand.

Now, in a recent revelation, Junien Labrousse, the executive vice president of products at Logitech has noted that the television platform could also come integrated with Hulu video streaming. According to Labrousse, Hulu is at present blocking content access from Google TV and if the company’s negotiations with Hulu are successful, users should be able to watch TV shows from the ad-supported video streaming service when the new platform launches later this month. There have been speculations that Google TV could be hitting the shelves at Best Buy on October 17.