Watch Full HD Movies On Roku XR With New Update

Digital video player company, Roku has announced a fresh update to their Roku XR line of players that will bring 1080p HD video streaming to the $80 device. This will make Roku XR capable of streaming videos at the same resolution as the $100 XD|S box. From what we hear, the other Roku models, namely, Roku SD and Roku HD will not be receiving this update.

So here is how you update to this new format – Navigate to Settings -> Player Info -> Check for Updates. You can now download and install the software update to begin streaming full high definition movies on Roku.

The update is presumably in a bid to enhance the appeal of the digital video player during the holiday shopping season. As you can see, the update will mean users can now make full use of theirĀ Netflix andĀ Amazon subscriptions to watch high quality movies on demand over their Roku boxes.