Watch 3D Movies On Demand In UK With New Service

Virgin Media has launched a new 3D Movies On Demand service for its television subscribers in the United Kingdom that will bring on-demand 3D movies to the subscribers’ living rooms. The service is a logical extension given that the company’s set-top boxes are already 3D-ready. Viewers will however need a 3D-compatible television and 3D goggles to relish the experience.

The first movie to be made part of this new offering is StreetDance 3D that will available for a 24-hour rental period at £5.99. Other movies that are expected to become available over the course of the next few months shall be Garfield’s Pet Force 3D, Disney’s A Christmas Carol 3D, Step Up 3D and Despicable Me 3D. These movies shall release starting next month and before early 2011.

It’s not a lot of movies at the moment. But Virgin Media has said that they will be working on increasing their portfolio. Nevertheless, if you are a Virgin Media customer, you can go ahead and check out these movies as and when they are released.