No Pre-Order For Samsung Focus – Windows Phone 7 Launch In USA

After the successful launch of Kinect, Microsoft lovers in the United States would now be keenly anticipating the success of Windows Phone 7 devices. Given the fact that a lot of marketing budget has been alloted by the carriers in promoting this new line of products, one may have assumed that AT&T would go all out in their efforts to get people buy these devices. But this is apparently not to be.

We are now hearing that AT&T has said that they will not be opening their stores for Windows Phone 7 pre-orders. Customers interested in securing a device on launch day must hit one of the stores to physically claim a device. That’s starting today.

It is not exactly clear why AT&T would do that. But it is likely that this is a marketing ploy to get more people to the queues on launch day. Nevertheless, it is going to be quite a hassle if you are someone who has been desperate to get a WP7 handset on launch day.