Wal-Mart Black Friday Deal – $100 Gift Cards With Smartphone Purchase

Are you looking at buying a smartphone for one of your near and dear ones? Then why not check out one of these devices from Wal-Mart? The popular discount store in the United States is running a new offer ahead of Thanksgiving in the country for purchase of smartphones. Starting November 17 and running till 25th, customers can walk into one of the WalMart stores in their neighborhood and buy a Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, LG or Motorola phone and win a $100 gift card. Quite a handy deal considering a number of Android devices are available at sub-$200 price points and so this is quite a deal.

In case you missed it, HTC HD7 is available on Wal-Mart as well and so that is one phone you could look at. It is not clear whether the deal, named “smart phone Hot Item 2010” is available for online customers though.