Vulkano Media Player Price And Review Of Features

Monsoon Multimedia has launched a new range of Vulkano multimedia players that the company claims is the “World’s first All-In-One Video Product“. With Vulkano, you can schedule, record and watch TV shows from your mobile phone or iPad just like you do with a TiVo while watching videos from the web, cameras, PCs or smartphones by simply connecting them to your TV.

Monsoon Multimedia says that the new range of Vulkano products can help you to do away with the clutter of home entertainment devices like Roku, TiVo, SlingBox and the like from your living room and instead replace them with this one sleek device.

Vulkano comes in three models – Vulkano Pro, Vulkano Deluxe and Vulkano Deluxe Pro and is priced between $259 and $379. There are additional features like local storage space of up to 1TB ┬áthat is available on the higher end models.

Vulkano Media Player

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