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Vevo Videos To Be Pulled From YouTube API, a joint venture between Universal Music Group and Sony Music to build a destination site for their music productions has decided to pull its music from YouTube API, a company’s statement has revealed. used YouTube as the hosting partner to deliver all their online music content. While music videos on Vevo included the company’s watermarks and conformed to their licensing agreements, the same content that was also available through YouTube on their website and to the other websites that made use of YouTube’s APIs that caused the company a lot of headache.

These third party websites that pulled Vevo’s videos off YouTube’s API stripped the videos of any overlay ads and instead monetized their own websites with display ads – a blatant violation of the licensing agreements.

In a bid to remove such violators, Vevo has announced that the company has decided to pull its music from YouTube’s API. The move could hurt the company in the short term as the view-reach could see a dip. But it should serve the company better from a long term perspective as this would mean all videos are viewed within the conforms of all licensing agreements and hence the company stands.

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[via NewTeeVee]

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