Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Details Explained

Late last week, Verizon Wireless announced a new wireless plan that will help the largest carrier in the United States take on competition from its CDMA rival – Sprint. Several customers in select markets are reporting to have received an email from the carrier that offers details on the new plan.

The new Verizon Wireless plan will be very similar to the Everything Data plan offered by Sprint. Available at a monthly cost of $69.99, the plan will give subscribers up to 450 minutes for voice calls besides offering unlimited data, messaging and mobile-to-mobile calls between Verizon phones.

There is one significant difference between the $69.99 plan offered by Sprint and Verizon. While the plan offered on the former includes unlimited calling to mobile phones irrespective of the carrier, Verizon’s offer only includes free calling to mobile phones on Verizon.

This plan will save subscribers close to $20 if they were to pick each of these offers independently. Are you going for one now?