New Verizon Return Policy To Reduce Return Period To 14 Days

Verizon Wireless could be making a drastic change to their official handset return policy. According to reports, the carrier will now mandate that all users who are not satisfied with their new purchase may return their handsets within 14 days. This is a significantly shorter period compared to the existing original return window that is open for a 30 day period.

The reports suggest that Verizon could be making this change as early as January 16th. There has been no official communication from the company in this regard as yet. Also, it is not clear why the carrier is looking at modifying its return policy, although we guess this to be due to a possible decreasing demand for refurbished phones in recent times. With a number of new handsets releasing from Verizon, customers may no longer be looking at refurbished phones as an option and that is likely to have triggered Verizon’s new policy. What do you think?

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