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Verizon VCast App Store For Droid Incredible Rolling Out Soon

Verizon has announced that a forthcoming update to the HTC Droid Incredible handset will bring the much anticipated V Cast Apps Store to the Android handset. However, the news has already drawn some heavy criticism from several quarters about the carrier’s plans to force the installation of the App Store into the phone. The users may not have a choice to not install the V Cast App Store. Also, it is not clear if Verizon would make it possible for users who may not want the App Store to delete the application from their phone.

Nevertheless, Verizon has made it clear that the installation of the V Cast App Store will not harm the Android market in anyway and that users can continue using the market app for downloading Android applications. But with such attempts by carriers to arm-twist the user into installing applications, the open source nature of Android itself is under a scanner and that cannot be a good news for anyone, but Apple.

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