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Blackberry Curve Email Problems

Here are some of the most common problems people face with sending email on Blackberry. If you do not find a solution to your email here, add it in the comments, we can sort them out.

Blackberry Curve Email Setup Problems
Sometimes it can so happen that your Blackberry does not let you to create a new email account and only offers enterprise options. This can happen if you are not on the appropriate plan. Call your operator and ask for “Blackberry Data Plan“. Also, this problem may arise if you are using your old SIM on an unlocked Blackberry Curve

If none of this is the cause and you are not able to view ‘Setup Email’ option, then switch off your Blackberry Curve, remove the battery completely, insert it back after a few minutes and switch it on. This must fix the problem. If this does not help, login to your Blackberry Internet Service from your provider’s website and setup email from there.

Blackberry Curve Emails Not Coming Through
There are two reasons why this is happening. First thing you need to check is if your inbox is full. If this does not seem to be having any issue, then your login credentials might have changed. Login to Blackberry Internet Service from your provider’s website and confirm if all your credentials are up to date.

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