Verizon Promoting iPhone 4 Along With FiOS

Over the past one week, we have been hearing that the sales of iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless have been a little dull when compared to what AT&T had last year. Verizon Wireless has now come up with a new marketing strategy using which it is planning to boost the sales of iPhone 4 and the FiOS TV, calling the two “a perfect pairing”. As per the new plan, Verizon would be offering a 200$ rebate on the iPhone 4 to all the new customers who buy their TV, phone and landline packages along with a discount of either 5 or 20 dollars on their monthly plans.

Verizon’s utilities like the internet, landline and the FiOS TV are delivered via optical fiber cables making the internet speeds faster when compared to a DSL. Under the new plan, a custometrr can now get 180 channels of which 40 will be avialable in HD, 15MBPS internet speeds and unlimited landline calls at a discounted price of 95$ a month.

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