Nexus One To Sell At Verizon Retail Stores

The launch of Nexus One not only brought the world’s most popular Internet company to the mobile space, but also heralded a new age business model where the sale of the handset was moved completely online. However, has this model failed? Or is Verizon not convinced about the viability of the same?

Just a couple of weeks after we reported speculations that the Google Nexus One could move out of an exclusive carrier to also be offered on Verizon (as was promised during launch), we are hearing that the handset could actually put up on sale on the Verizon retail stores; contrary to the famed online marketplace.

For now, this is just a rumor and take it with skepticism. But we wonder if Google is trying to make a side-by-side comparison of the two models to see which one fares better. Though, it is unlikely that T-Mobile would be game for such an experimentation.

[via Boy Genius Report]