Price Of Microsoft Kin Phones Dropped

Verizon has announced that the carrier is slashing the prices of Microsoft Kin phones effective immediately. Consequently, Kin One is now priced at $29.99 while the other Kin Two handset will now be available online at $49.99. These two phones were priced at $49.99 and $99.99 respectively.

Microsoft has not had the success it may have wished for with the new Kin phones. The company made a high profile launch of the two handsets that were apparently targeted at the teenagers. While the phones came with cool social networking features, there were two areas where Microsoft and Verizon erred.

Firstly, Microsoft Kin never had the kind of applications that users would want. The phones did not support third party apps – unpardonable considering that low end Android handsets are now being made available at cheaper prices. Secondly, Verizon positioned the device for teenagers and tried to extract an executive fee from them. The phones came with full fledged data and voice plans that were not going to appeal to the young crowd.

It is being rumored that only 500 Kin handsets have been sold until now. While that is difficult to substantiate, we believe, the latest announcement is still unlikely to give the device any great push unless there is a major revamp on the data pricing front. What do you think?