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Verizon iPhone To Launch With VoRA

Folks at BGR have revealed from a close Verizon source that the imminent launch of iPhone shall come with simultaneous voice and data transmission. As you may know, that is currently not possible on Verizon networks.

According to the sources, the Verizon iPhone, if it launches before the carrier moves to LTE will be incorporated on VoRA (Voice over Rev. A). Rev. A is a technology upgraded from EV-DO Rev 0 which allows slightly faster downlink speeds and with VoRA, voice is layered over data enabling simulataneous transmission.

There is widespread speculation that the Verizon iPhone may indeed launch this summer – much before Verizon is moved to LTE. Also, with simultaneous voice and data possible on AT&T, this might be a right bait to AT&T subscribers who may be contemplating a move to Verizon when the iPhone launches in the carrier.

[via BGR]

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