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Verizon iPhone Launch Date – Right After Christmas?

Rumors about the Verizon iPhone have been taking up a lot of news space in the past few days. There was word last week that the Verizon iPhone was launching in early 2011 and that the carrier could be paying a premium in order to limit the availability of the unit to AT&T and Verizon.

Now while those words came from an analyst note, yet another rumor is now doing the rounds where it’s being claimed that the Verizon iPhone could be launching this year itself – “right after Christmas“. The source does not have high credibility though what they claim seem to be interesting. It is noted that the Verizon iPhone is already 100% ready and the only reason stopping the roll-out is an agreement between Apple and AT&T that has offered the carrier an exclusive partnership until the end of Christmas.

There is also word that this device could be LTE-supported though we would like to wait for more confirmation before reporting the claims here.

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