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Verizon iPhone Could Be A Simple CDMA-Only Device

The iPhone could actually be heading towards Verizon this summer. Though rumors of a Verizon iPhone and hybrid-version launch of iPhone 4G are not exactly new, folks at Engadget write that the streak of ‘heads up‘ received by them over the past few weeks from several Verizon employees and others who work for enterprises under NDA agreements with Verizon all point in the same direction.

However, unlike popular speculation, this may not be a dual CDMA-plus-LTE. Engadget writes that following Apple’s original philosophy to only provide incremental improvements to their handset could mean that a CDMA-only version of the iPhone could be on the cards for this year with a dual-version launch possible for next year when Verizon would have not only increased its 4G coverage area, but also may have figured out on how to integrate it with voice implementations.

Rumors all the way, but who knows.

[via Engadget]

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