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Verizon iPhone Accessories Put On Sale Briefly

A number of industry observers have speculated that Verizon could be announcing their new iPhone on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show starting this week. That seems more likely with claims that popular third party accessory manufacturers have already been prepping up for the launch of accessories aimed at the new Verizon iPhone.

CaseMate – the developer of the popular Tough and Pop cases are learned to have recently launched a new website that shows up this homepage

Verizon iPhone 4Not only this, Offwire – an online retailer too had, until recently, posted references to accessories pertaining specifically to a Verizon iPhone. With word about these references getting out, the two websites seem to have purged these details completely.

An interesting revelation though is CaseMate’s post that reads, “The Verizon iPhone 4 is on its way“. This is indicative of sufficient lead time between the announcement and launch of this new CDMA iPhone. With rumors suggesting that the new iPhone could be released “by Valentine’s Day“, we hope an announcement is made shortly – during CES.

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