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Verizon iPhone 4 Vs. AT&T iPhone 4 – What's New?

As expected, Verizon announced the new CDMA variant of the iPhone at their media event yesterday. The device is expected to go on pre-0rders in the United States starting February 3 and will launch on Apple and Verizon stores on February 10th.

So what is changing with the new launch? Here is a roundup

New iOS Update :

Apple is expected to roll out iOS 4.2.5 shortly. The Verizon iPhone will run on this new iOS platform that will also bring some new features.

Mobile Hotspot :

The Verizon iPhone will let users set their device as a wireless internet router that can be connected from up to five devices. This feature will require a software update that the new iOS 4.2.5 is supposed to provide. It is not clear if the feature will also simultaneously make its way to the GSM variant of the iPhone.

Modified Antenna :

The iPhone 4 antenna design that had invited severe criticism now stands slightly modified with the new launch. The antenna break points are now no longer on the top and are instead on the sides – something that will reduce the death grip issue. However, Apple claims this new design change is to¬†accommodate¬†the CDMA communication frequency that is different from GSM’s.

Simultaneous Voice & Data :

The EVDO Rev-A CDMA network that Verizon operates on does not support simultaneous usage of voice and data. This means Verizon iPhone users cannot talk and surf the web in the same way as AT&T users do. Verizon however maintains that this will be a pretty small compromise in comparison to the other things on offer with Verizon

No SIM Card Slot :

There is no SIM card slot – as it is with a CDMA phone. What this also means is that international travelers will find it difficult to use their iPhones when they travel abroad since CDMA network penetration is not high in many parts of the world.

The Verizon iPhone is not exclusive which means Apple could soon be offering CDMA variants of its iPhone across other carriers around the world. The Verizon iPhone shall be priced at $199 and $299 for the 16GB and 32GB variants respectively.

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