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Verizon iPad Launching Shortly?

Boy Genius Report, as usual, has their sources speaking prophetically about what could possibly be in the offing soon – an iPad offered by Verizon. The company is reportedly testing a CDMA-compatible iPad on the Verizon network. There is also talk of another LTE-based iPad in the making though that part is not clear as of now.

How much of this is true is to be seen. For one, there has not even been a hint of a rumor regarding an alternate CDMA compatible iPad in the making in the recent past. Considering the shortage in supply for even the iPad version in the market, it seems unlikely that the company could be thinking of an alternate CDMA version anytime soon. At least not until the next generation iPad is out by which time Verizon is so likely to move to a LTE network.

[via BGR]

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