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Verizon Palm Pre 2 Launch Soon?

Those of you looking to get hold of a CDMA Palm Pre 2 from Verizon may not have to wait for long. A Palm Pre 2 running on Verizon mysteriously made its appearance at an eBay auction only to be pulled later after word about the device made its way into the blogosphere.

Of course, this in no way gives any direct information about the actual release date. But given the circumstances, we are inclined to believe that the CDMA variant of the Pre 2 could be in advanced levels of testing (and that is how it made to the hands of the eBay seller?) which means a launch is not too long away.

Verizon Palm Pre 2

Verizon has stayed silent on this launch so far which means a pre-Christmas release at least is out of question for the moment. This leaves CES as the best possible launch pad for this phone to launch. And that means we could be aiming at a mid-January release.

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